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Audit & Assurance

Companies over a certain size are required to have their annual accounts subject to statutory audit. Moreover, many companies, though not required to have an audit, still find that it can provide valuable business information.

Generally audited accounts are thought to be more reliable by Creditors and other stakeholders.

Our managing director, Sorina Dimofte, is duly authorised by Romanian Chamber of Financial Auditors, to carry on audit assignments both internal and external and is an approved auditor.

We think audits should not be seen as a cost, but as an opportunity for identifying profit making opportunities. Besides helping you meet your statutory requirements, we also review of your financial and management systems trying to identify potential problem areas. We discuss these problems, recommend improvements to your business performance and financial controls, and help you implement any agreed solutions.

Our certified auditors in Suceava can also help with:

  • Buy-side or sell-side financial due diligence for share deals and asset deals

  • Statutory audit - Year-end financial audit

  • Audits for mergers / spin-offs

  • Contractual (external) audit

  • Special purpose audits (Audit of project accounts and loan accounts prepared for international financial institutions)

  • Review of financial statements, examination of prospective financial information; agreed-upon procedures

  • Full internal audit outsourcing; strategic partnerships with the client’s internal audit department, providing specialised resources to their teams